Liverpool Art Prize

We have continued our sponsorship of the Liverpool Art Prize this year and photographed the four finalists. Organised by Metal the exhibition this year is in The Grand Hall in The Albert Dock.

As in previous years we have found photographing the artists stimulating, not only because of the usual challenges of working in a variety of locations, but also meeting the artists and discussing their art has been thought-provoking . As a starting point we asked each artist to consider a space that was very important to their practice. In most cases this was their studio, but several suggested other environments that informed their work.

We like portraits that have a degree of veracity and are not over-styled or overworked in post production and we also feel that a successful portrait is a product of a good collaboration between photographer and subject. We are directorial, but in a sensitive way.

Julieann was photographed in The Anglican Cathedral, Kevin in his studio, but also suggested an office furniture warehouse, Tabitha in an animal rescue shop. Laurence was photographed at various locations around Liverpool, more or less the last shot we suggested was for Laurence to sit inside a department store window to take advantage of the reflections.

A selection of photographs from the past six years of our sponsorship, and some alternatives from this year, are visible here.