360 degree Vr’s

Well they can be called a few things, especially if they don’t work, but most photographers call them 360 degree virtual reality, spherical immersive, or 360 by 180, panoramas.

We’ve been producing quite a few lately, but the one of the atrium of The Port of Liverpool Building on Liverpool’s waterfront, was the most difficult. This was because it was very symmetrical and PTGui ( the software we use) found it impossible to stitch. Even with a properly set up panoramic head with no parallax error and good overlap, PTGui couldn’t cope.

We sought advice from Florian Knorn and with his distant help ( he’s in Australia) produced a very successful panorama.

The two others are from The Anglican Cathedral , Liverpool. Please click on the images below to see them:

©McCoy_Wynne-2141 ©McCoy_Wynne-2114 ©McCoy_Wynne-6478

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